Very interesting argument. I loved it.

I completely agree with your points about Meadow, and yes, she had a chance to make a change, but ultimately she chose to ignore those aforementioned issues.

Although, I kind of see that as a way for her to keep the family content. Obviously, injustice and social causes matters to her, but those things will never get ahead of the importance of her family. She could fight against Tony's ideas and principles, but she knows that she could never win those arguments. It'd only create a vicious, neverending cycle. "So, what's the point?" she thinks by the end. It's not right but understandable.

PS.: For some reason, I always liked AJ with his messed-up, disappointing, and depressing personality. He is hopeless, often annoying, but I admire how Tony never gives up on him - despite the fact that he articulates many times throughout the show that AJ annoys the hell out of him (and says even worse things than that.)

Anyway, this was a great read overall. Keep it coming, Matt!

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