The truth is that besides Sudeikis, the writing is what made Ted Lasso who he really is in the first season. I hated his character in the first 4 episodes, and then the writing was so good that I ended up liking him after all.

So far, S2 only relies on Sudeikis and the show’s fan base. It’s fan service: Lasso jokes and Roy curses but there is very little conflict. It’s been 5 episode and Ted still hasn’t had a therapy session. I hope they will explore soon why he is the way he is, and why he uses positivity and optimism as a shield.

It’s still a good show, I enjoy it a lot. But there’s something more ‘mechanic’ and calculated about it now. Lesso is too sweet, it’s time to make him a little sour.

Um, John: there’s more type than Shitbags and Lassos. I recommend watching Breeders, Mr. Corman, and Dates (this is an anthology dramedy, but it’s great) just to mention a few.

Lasso is everyone’s friend, always. The question is how the other person can tolerate him long term. He’d be your friend just as much as almost anyone’s who gives him a chance, really.

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