That’s a real thinker. I agree with your main points, however I must say that writing for longer periods helped me long term. I got used to putting the work in and learned to focus not only when the muse kicks me in the butt but also when she doesn’t. I wouldn’t have been able to done that if I only wrote for an hour each day. Over time, your mind adjusts to it.

But, I also pushed myself a few times and that partly caused some of the problems that you mention in this piece. You gotta find a balance. And taking breaks is definitely essential, in fact I couldn’t even do the amount of writing I’m doing now daily without it. But even so, there are days when the mind doesn’t take any orders and you have to let it go otherwise you will only get frustrated, whick makes you less productive and do crappy work.

My writing schedule is never linear, but I can’t even expect it to be. As you said, we’re not robots and such a creative activity isn’t as simple as walking.

Definitely a thought-provoking piece, David. Kudos.

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