Sorkin, admittedly, is not a tech guy, and he said he knew almost nothing about Facebook before he (did some research) shot the movie. Regardless, I think he nailed it, even though the whole “Mark gets dumped and invents Facebook” is purely fiction, which Zuckerberg objected against after its release.

Sorkin said that he needed an emotional motive that is powerful enough so we can understand why Mark did what he did. It was necessary because, other than that, Zuckerberg only thinks in numbers and lacks empathy at all. And that was poignantly demonstrated in the movie.

Eisenberg was perfect for the role. We like him for his intelligence, and we dislike him for his arrogance and cockiness. I think the character is more interesting than the real person.

I re-watched The Social Network several times and I think it aged well, entertaining as ever, and that’s because of Fincher and Sorkin, not because of the real story.

Good read, John.



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