Jim Jefferies tells a story in his latest special (This Is Me Now) about depression, and how he and his dad suffers from it. His father taught him a simple but smart realization. His depression gotten better once he hit forty, then asked his dad, who’s 76 now, why isn’t he depressed. He said, “Ahhh, what are you gonna do?”

Then Jefferies says what’s that meant for him, and then he talks about his 20s and 30s, how he wasted them being so depressed that he couldn’t get out of his bed.

Then he cuts it with the joke that we are so frustrated about our dreams at that age because we still think there is hope. But once you eliminate that when you’re old(er), and realize, none of that happened you’re just happy to be alive. You appreciate every single day because you’re still here and have nothing to worry about anymore.

It’s a life lesson, but Jefferies knows how to make that funny, how to talk about his depression in a vulnerable way so people will find it hilarious, but there is a message behind it.

That’s what your “Slow, slow, slow!” line reminded me of, that sometimes we need to give ourselves time. Because everything takes time, and we need to experience a lot of things until they lead us to that possible success we might reach one day.

Don’t get me wrong, we have to work hard, we have to persevere and push through some terrible days, but there is time. We have it. We just need to learn how we should use it.

Thanks for sharing, Niklas! Great read.

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