I’ve only re-watched The Dark Knight Rises once since its 2012’s debut. Hardy played an excellent Bane, even if he was no Joker (how could be), but as far as the rest of the movie and characters go: not bad, in fact, enjoyable.

Nolan’s Batman-trilogy it’s still the best one of superhero movies, and I don’t see that change for… decades? The only emerging problem with the 3rd installment, for me at least, is that it’s waaay too long. However, I loved that the literally “broken” Batman finds the motivation to climb out of that cave, and fight the evil once again before he decides to flee and wink at Alfred in a restaurant x time later.

It’s a decent ending, as you mentioned. It has every element that needs to be in it for referencing the predecessors and to provide closure for the whole Batman-universe that Nolan’s sort of re-created with his masculine themes.

Great read, John.

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