It's understandable that you don't need/or want a dad given what you've been through. But why do you assume that others feel the same way?

The other thing: Maybe I'm wrong about this, but Ted Lasso has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality. The character not being a rapist, an abuser, racist, asshole, insensitive and inconsiderate is not why we like him. In fact, he's often obnoxious, annoyingly upbeat and positive, a weirdo, and somone who makes you want to punch him in the face for being all those things.

We like him despite all that. Because he's fragile, sensitive, honest, and flawed in many ways that sometimes even he doesn't want to admit. Is he unrealistic? Of course, he is. But anyone who watches at least 3 episodes will know that about the entire show. What you say about patriarchy might be true but bashing a show for not helping or addressing that issue is totally unfair. It's far from being perfect but offers something different and entertaining.

And, if I understand it well, even you enjoy it but hate people's reactions for praising it and overhyping it. Which might be accurate but that certainly isn't the series' fault.

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