It’s not “over-familiarity”, it’s “living together”. That can kill any kind of friendship pretty soon, I’ve seen it on many occasions. Everyone needs their space, even if they are best friends. Once that’s provided, the friendship can blossom. I grew to dislike quite a few people because I was stupid enough to move in with them. I’m a lone type of person, I need my space, and I don’t mind being alone. That’s when I can relax and regroup. Some can’t or won’t understand that because they have a totally opposite personality, they are extroverts in many cases.

Time and space can fix or heal a friendship, but you need boundaries. Your “ex-bestie” sounds like a nightmare to live with. Trust me, I have friends like that. If I would move in with them? God help us. After two weeks, I would throw their shit into their rooms for sure. I can’t tolerate it anymore. I had way too many bad experiences, I guess.

Thanks for sharing, Clarisse!

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