Interesting list.

Let me add a few things to it:

Batman & Robin

As a kid, I adored every single Batman movie including this one. Of course, this was the weakest one of all, but I don’t think that strong hatred is justified towards it.


Crash is not primarily hated because it won the Oscar instead of Brokeback Mountain. It’s hated because it portrays racism in an awkward and cringe-worthy way, and on top of that, it has been awarded with an Oscar. I liked Crash back then, but I haven’t seen it ever since.


Is it mediocre? Yes. Was Halle Berry a weird choice? Yes. Is it the worst superhero/comic book movie that has ever been made? I don’t think so. It’s one of the most popularly bad movies to be hated, but I don’t totally get it why.

The Wicker Man

“What is the meaning of a horror movie if you are not scared.” — Well, that’s not necessarily the only function a horror needs to serve.

I assume you’re talking about the 2006 version with Nic Cage (next time I suggest you put a link to it, make it clearer), and I agree. It’s ridiculous, confusing, and utter rubbish.


There is no “the”, it’s just Cats.

I’ve only seen the trailer, but it was more disturbing than taking an LSD in Aquaworld. The CGI and the acting seem surreal, and it kind of messes with your head a little bit. I still don’t understand what were they thinking making this movie. Or to whom? Absolutely deserves the hate.



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