Interesting and thought-provoking article, Brandon.

It reminded me of a segment that Jim Jefferies does in one of his stand up specials, in which he talks about world-famous musicians who allegedly were pedophiles. He puts it harsh and simple: “How talented you have to be to fuck kid?”

If you’re the best at what you do, but morally you’re rotten, is there a point when society can’t pardon you anymore?

This cancel culture is a bit hypocritical to me. As an example, let me clarify.

I’m a cinephile. I like Tom Cruise as an actor, I always did. Even after when all the Scientology bullshit he was associated with was exposed, I didn’t stop liking him as an actor. I don’t agree with it, and perhaps I wouldn’t like his real-life persona, but as an actor, he still does an excellent job.

So, now, using that analogy to apply to the music field. Just because “X” did something terrible, or something that I don’t approve, does that mean that I won’t like the music he’s done before? Do I stop listening to the songs that I listened to for the past 15 years? No. I might not be that curious about his new stuff, but even that is not necessarily will happen just because he made a mistake.

I think that the real-life persona and the musical persona at certain times should be looked at separately.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I’d love to hear your opinion.



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