I used to love this film as a kid - it was my absolute favorite Robin Hood movie, and no, I haven't seen any other one at the time either, like you, John. The cast is superb and the action is entertaining.

Costner is one of the last great cowboys of American Cinema. God bless for him. Dances With Wolves is a mesmerizing western despite its problematic themes. Once I watched the 4-hour-long director's cut, and I felt I made the best decision ever on that particular afternoon.

Even though I know nothing about baseball, his baseball-trilogy (Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and For Love of the Game) used to be a guilty pleasure of mine. I rewatched two of them a few years ago, and they still hold. His macho-melancholic, old-fashioned, mainly man characters are missing from contemporary movies, which is unfortunate.

But every once in a while Costner brings back one of his classic roles like he did in last year's Let Him Go, and we can't be grateful enough to see him.

Hell, I might rewatch a Costner classic tonight.



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