I liked your thoughts, Mike, apart from one thing that Dreedwhittaker had put perfectly.

Not everything needs to be published. I used to think that my best writing happens very late at night because I felt that’s when I was the most honest and open. When the world sleeps, everything is quiet, but my thoughts.

Perhaps, it was the most genuine, yes, but it was very far from being great. Years later, I realized that everything needs to be rewritten and edited, not just once, but perhaps many times until it reaches the best possible version I can do at the time.

Maybe in the future, I will look back at it and laugh, but I will never be in doubt that I did my best at that time. I think that matters.

Thanks for sharing! Keep writing!

Freelance Writer. The Weakest Superhero. Saving the world through pop culture, mental health, and true crime. Be my ally: rb.gy/3shdg5

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