I for one. I really dislike Hungary and the toxic, negative, envious, and ignorant people in it. Believe me, you were lucky that you hadn’t been born in Hungary. Most famous Hungarians left the home country and became phenomenons, invented things, or made us proud. But I suspect that’s because they didn’t have to live there.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to be offensive or anything – I’m as much of a Hungarian as I can be, and I wouldn’t mind changing that fact at all – but what’s going on in the country for several decades now is unbearable and repulsive. And I don’t mean just the politics.

In fact, I also dislike when we, as a nation, proudly announce those famous Hungarians from many many decades or centuries ago since we barely have anything to show for from more recent times.

Any time I go home to pay a visit I find more and more things that I don’t like. But, anyway, I don’t want this to be a long rant.

I have a friend whose dad went to live in Canada for about two decades ago and he was thriving there. A few years ago, he moved back to Hungary and he’s become an alcoholic and a wreck ever since. It’s just one example, but very typical, and I could give many more unfortunately.

However, most Hungarians who leave the country, live abroad, and can become more open to different cultures do change for the better. I had nice surprises here in London, but unfortunately it’s rarely the case.

Do you know a lot of them in Canada?

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