I don’t know who came up with the idea of posting 1–2 articles a day to generate more income. If you’re a proper writer or journalist (or at least want to be), not just a blogger who writes what’s on his/her mind, you can’t make valuable content posting every day.

Find articles on Medium about writing at least one article a day for a year, for 6 months, and see what the results are. Financially it’s not significant.

If you do thorough research on a subject, write a first draft, a second draft, and also do meticulous editing, you can’t produce a high-quality article a day. Let alone if you have other jobs to fulfill.

I agree with reposting older content, especially if they are ever-green. You can write one article a week, do 5 days of marketing only on that specific one, and earn more with one post instead of being busy publishing every day.

There is a bunch of meaningless articles that you can tell they were written just for the sake of “publishing every day”. As a habit is good to have consistency and a daily routine, but I don’t see the value publishing every day every week. Give some time to your followers, so they have a chance to anticipate what you’ll come up with next.

Instead of writing meaningless articles, or blog posts, spend more time on marketing, find new tools, seek new opportunities.

Thanks for sharing, Jun!

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