I disagree, but hear me out!

I read reviews since I was 14 years old. Once you find those critics whose taste is similar to yours, it becomes a useful source to distinguish between movies. In fact, when those critics write something which you disagree with, that can give you an intriguing argument to consider their perspective.

I know how to judge IMDb ratings in certain genres, what to look for in the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, and decide what my movie enthusiast friends say about certain films. I know their taste by now, and I’m aware of what they like, and what they don’t, so for me, it’s easier to recommend something worthwhile to see and vice-versa.

I’m shocked by the Rotten Tomatoes ratings on Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones. It’s indeed one of his weaker stand-up specials, but it’s still Chappelle, hello! He is easily in the top 3 comedians to this day, and anything he does has a much higher probability to be funny and thought-provoking than most of the other comedians’ stuff. Rotten Tomatoes tends to misjudge and over- or underrate certain entertainment, but hey, that’s what makes it exciting sometimes to pick a movie or show to watch.

Regardless of what the critics say, in general if I’m interested in a movie, I will watch it anyway, and make my mind up about it. However, it can make a really good starting point to select what I want to watch or not.



Freelance Grinder. Staff writer at Looper. Bylines: Paste Mag, Humungus, and more. You can find me tweeting about pop culture at 2 AM (@akospeterbencze)

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