I deeply relate. I moved to London 8 years ago because I needed to escape and I also wanted a different life. I haven't been home (Hungary) for nearly two years due to the pandemic. I can't wait to see my parents and friends, but I'm also a bit nervous about it.

By the way, I envy your situation a little. You have a certain freedom to travel in America - and have residencies in different places - which is a huge advantage believe me. Value it.

I also plan to leave London - but maybe stay in the UK at first - but it's really difficult to do that financially and mentally as well. It's the place that saved me, but I also know that I want something else now. A different life - and a different weather too - and some timely changes.

P.S.: I wrote a slightly similar place about my hometown a few weeks ago, relating to Paul Schrader's long-forgotten small town drama, Affliction.

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