I couldn’t agree more. If you have a priority activity, passion, over a job, then your job has to have the space for you to work towards your passion. And not the other way around, as you mentioned.

I work in a warehouse for 3 years now, for shit money, because it allows me to work on my writing at certain times when it’s not busy. I don’t care about the job – I’ll do it on a level so they don’t fire me, but my main goal is to get where I want to be with my writing. Until that, I just need money to pay the rent and the bills. People always tell me to climb the corporate ladder etc. and they don’t understand that I don’t care about that at all. I have other priorities, goals, dreams – getting a higher position at a job that have no intention pursuing my whole life is just not one of them. Simple as that.

Great piece, Hudson.

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