I agree with a lot of what you stated here. I think the younger generation growing up now has different problems and issues, so they idolize the young artists — who often have nothing to say — maybe because they feel closer to them.

Perhaps we feel the nostalgia, that’s why we defend those artists, who made a difference and a strong impact on us, and still going strong to this day — well, DMX not so much, unfortunately.

Although, from the newcomers, I think, we will barely have anyone to remember in 15–20 years.

But if you dig deep, you can still find diamonds in the dirt who are worth listening to.

I’m planning to write an article about Eminem’s relevance, career path, and change in the current pop culture.

Freelance Writer. The Weakest Superhero. Saving the world through pop culture, mental health, and true crime. Be my ally: rb.gy/3shdg5

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