Great article, John.

I don’t think that the Safdie Brothers’ over-hyped previous film (Good time) was that good as they say, but they won me over with Uncut Gems.

Well, I anticipated the movie long before I knew they’ll direct because Sandler got the role. He is a good actor, but he doesn’t always like to put in the hard work. Every 8–10 years or so he decides to do something, not just entertaining, but good, quality stuff (Punch-drunk Love, Reign Over Me, The Meyerowitz Stories).

Uncut Gems is like a bulldozer, an unstoppable force fuelled by addiction.
The style of the Safdie brothers was a perfect fit for this type of story. I was disappointed also when I saw that the film got no nomination at the Oscars. Regardless, it’s a freaking thrilling movie with a superb cast.

My uncle is an alcoholic as well, he is sober about 10 years now.

Keep it up, John!

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