Great analysis of two popular movies.

Both films are thought-provoking, but I would say the reason why you couldn’t find the same type of underlying message in Knives Out because it was made to entertain, not to dissect society in a way that Parasite did.

If you know who wrote and directed the movie (not too long ago his name changed to Rian ‘Motherfucker’ Johnson), then it’s not a surprise that he wasn’t thriving in that area. As you mentioned, it’s a good movie I enjoyed it, too. But the expectations from Rian and Bong Joon Ho are vastly different.

Although Parasite is exceptional, I still think it’s a bit overhyped compared to other important Korean films, which had less popularity and commercial success. For me, it’s Jee-Woon Kim the absolute master of South Korean cinema, although, lately he hasn’t made any movie nearly as good as Parasite.

Thanks for sharing, Alex! More of the same, please. I cherish these types of articles that offer a discussion about exciting and complex pieces.

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