Do you think that any reputable publisher, agent, or industry professional wouldn't check out whether your followers are real or not? It would be their first thing.

I get what you're saying, but it's not that simple. Plus, you can buy fake followers as much as you want, it's a real thing. But, personally, I doubt it'd help you in the long term.

The bigger problem is that many writers on Medium jump on every single change (little or small) that the platform makes immediately. I understand that's among the topics that get read by a lot of people, but it just annoys me when a change happens, and suddenly there are 79 posts about it in 2 hours. Really? You don't have anything else - better, important, interesting? - to write about?

Don't get me wrong, it's ok to write about Medium. Sure. Sometimes. But what some writers do is just goes beyond a certain line, for me at least.

Maybe that's the reason, but I haven't seen one piece thanking the platform for deleting the fake accounts. But again, I generally block and reject that kind of content. But I liked your headline (I came to read this from FB), and I wanted something to read while I eat my breakfast.



Freelance Grinder. Staff writer at Looper. Bylines: Paste Mag, Humungus, and more. You can find me tweeting about pop culture at 2 AM (@akospeterbencze)

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