Creating habits is way easier than breaking them.

What a good thought and a great article you’ve written here. Good for you. I could feel through your words how honest and liberated you were when you typed this piece — or, at least created the illusion of it which is already an accomplishment.

I quit Twitter probably a year ago, and, as you mentioned above, I’m in that group who deleted the Facebook app from my phone. That wasn’t the solution, although it had reduced the time that I spend on Facebook when I’m not in front of a computer. Also, I barely post anything on FB, I mostly use it to follow blogs, news (especially sports news), but that could also be a waste of time sometimes.

When I quit Twitter and reduced my presence on FB I quickly realized how much time I’ve got on my hand suddenly. It’s not like I had immediately 5 hours of free time a day. It worked differently. I started to learn a new language, I started reading more (not online), and even I realized I finished with my chores much quicker than I did in the past.

Small things, but they can make a big difference.

There is nothing wrong with escaping up to a certain point, but it matters where and how we do that. It can be absolute self-improvement, or it can be a total waste of time which eventually causes us anxiety, frustration, and depression.

Thanks again for sharing!

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