Chase didn’t give a shit about television. He wanted to create something as close as possible to the cinema. He looked down on TV as it was for the ones who didn’t make it. His mentality was arrogant and bitter, but that led him to create one of the best TV shows in history. I respect him so much for that.

He had a unique voice, new to television. He worked all of his traumas, philosophical thoughts (as you mentioned), and years of therapy into his creation — Tony’s Mom was his Mom, really.

It’s a shame he couldn’t make it as a movie director, but his attitude and despise towards the small screen led to his cinematic failure. At least, that’s what I think. Something went terribly wrong with Not Fade Away, and after that he was done. He is too old now, but I’m glad he’s coming back to contribute to the prequel, The Many Saints of Newark.

Thanks for sharing, Ezra! It was a good read and nice reminiscent, although, I rewatched the whole shebang last year — once again. (Suggestion: you left a couple of typos in, I’d fix that.)

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