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How to recognize and move past addictions without losing the core of our personality.

Photo Source: Piqsels

Five years ago, a then-colleague of mine told me that he wouldn’t be able to recognize himself if he were to quit smoking and drinking. At the time, I thought his statement was a devastatingly sad comment to have come from a thirty-four-year-old.

Fast forward a few years, and I…

‘The Many Saints of Newark’ is tasteless spaghetti with a recipe that David Chase should burn.

Alessandro Nivola as Dickie Moltisanti, standing at the house.
“I just want to know who wrote this shitty script.” Photo: HBO Max

Many years ago, David Chase said, if he gets to make The Many Saints of Newark one day, it won’t be about Tony Soprano. I guess we just didn’t listen — or remember it.

But why would you not make a film about the young Tony Soprano? I mean, it’s…


And why you might do too

Tom Cruise looking disappointing in an office.
Photo: TriStar Pictures

I publish essays about movies on Medium for a little less than two years now. On better days, I get around 50 views for each. I won’t get into how frustrating that is after all this time. …

And that’s fair enough, ladies and gentlemen.

Daniel Craig’s goodbye from James Bond.
Photo: MGM/Universal Pictures

The internet is buzzing all week as the new Bond film, No Time to Die, the last one with Daniel Craig, makes its premiere in theaters across the UK, Ireland, and India today.

Right now, Twitter is all about the 007 and his future: Who will play the secret agent…

You only live once and who knows for how long

Artwork by the author. Original: Universal Pictures

There is something eerie and grotesque about aging — the skin wrinkles, memory shortens, and hair turns white or disappears entirely. Our body gradually declines and then breaks down altogether — slipping towards oblivion and death.

For decades, we overlook how cruel time is and refuse to acknowledge its ruthlessness…

You’ll never see such stupid and dangerous fun on this level again.

Morpheus shooting in The Matrix.
Artwork by the author. Original: Warner Bros.

I bet it’s been a while since you’ve last watched the Watchowski’s sequel, The Matrix Reloaded. Don’t worry, you’re not alone — there’s a reason for that.

Although Lana Wachowski tried to convince viewers that the plot is a lot more complex than it seems — that “it’s deconstructionist and…

The cowboy we once knew is fading.

Clint Eastwood grunts in ‘Cry Macho.’
Photo: Warner Bros./HBO Max

Most critics and audiences dislike Cry Macho, and I can’t really blame them. Its script has been through a lot: it was written in the 70s and got rejected by several studios before Fox bought it in the late 80s. At first, Eastwood turned it down and did another movie…


Somebody explain the giant glasses!

Keanu Reeves in the mirror in ‘The Matrix Resurrections.’
Why am I not wearing glasses? Photo: Warner Bros.

1. Is Lana Wachowski’s new Matrix feature sponsored by opticians who’re hipsters in their free time? What’s with colorful and giant glass frames? They seem to have a bigger role than poor Morpheus does.

Speaking of Morpheus —

2. Is Laurence Fishburne shooting another questionable B film straight-to-video, and that’s…

BBC Two’s ‘The North Water’ is hell, and Henry Drax is the Devil within it.

Colin Farrell kills a whale in The North Water.
Colin Farrell as Henry Drax. Photo: BBC Two/AMC+

In the very first scene of BBC Two's mini-series, The North Water, we see Henry Drax (Colin Farrell) fucking a whore. The sex is raw, ferocious, and animalistic. He’s panting while the prostitute is dead silent. …


As the freedom the pandemic gave me comes to an end, I mute the screaming thoughts in my head and let the quiet replace it.

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels

I’ve recently moved house after seven years. My new place is at the bottom of a beautiful park called Sunny Hill. I used to go there frequently, but having it quite literally at my doorstep is different. …

Akos Peterbencze

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