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How the Crow died

Brandon Lee was the biggest prodigy of the 90s in the film industry. He was only 28 years old when he died during the shooting of The Crow. The circumstances of his death were labeled mysterious at the time and remained one of the most targeted topics by conspiracy theorists.

However, the reason for Lee’s death was much simpler than the self-fabricated mystery wanted us to believe it.

Lee died on March 31 in 1993, and his death was followed by a two-month-long investigation, according to History. …


Do I even exist?

I’ll break one of the most essential writing rules and answer that question right away. Yes, I do — but barely. Have I ever thought about making a podcast? Yes. Do I hate myself for it? Yeah, I do. Here’s why.

Most podcasts are like dog crap bags — you always have to carry one with you because you never know when it will come in handy.

But, you see, I don’t have a dog.

I nod when other people talk about their favorite podcasts, but inside I’m going like “Why do you hate yourself so much?” You don’t have…

A B-movie opus by Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham.

If you’re familiar with Guy Ritchie’s films — the ones he also wrote, not just directed — you know the man adores dialogue. He makes love to the written word. Not as passionately as Tarantino, but it’s something that made his work distinctive throughout his career. I mean, he created a mixed, mainly gibberish, pikey accent for Brad Pitt in Snatch. And even in his mediocre movies, language was always something that stood out if everything else failed.

My point being: Ritchie never sacrificed dialogue for style and action, at least not entirely, until Wrath of Man rolled around this…

One of the major story arcs of the show was made out of necessity.

Artwork by the author. Original: 20th Century Fox Television/Fox

Back in 1995, there was a short period in the second season of The X-Files when Mulder (David Duchovny) had to carry several episodes mainly by himself. Gillian Anderson (aka Scully) had become pregnant near the end of filming season one, so her appearance was reduced in the following season.

Anderson’s pregnancy ended up affecting the storyline substantially. This led to a key event that became an essential plot point in the mythology of the series. It was one of those cases when creator Chris Carter had managed to build an ingenious scenario around a real-life event. …


But he decided not to risk his recovery at the Roland Garros any longer.

Let me say this first: tennis without an audience still sucks. The crowd is such an essential element to the sport, and without it, it just doesn’t feel whole. That’s particularly true when any of the Big Three plays on the center court. Which is what Roger Federer did on Saturday night for nearly four hours.

He faced Dominic Koepfer for the first time and had to fight hard to beat the German in four sets (7–6(5), 6–7(3), 7–6(4), 7–5). I don’t doubt it was the type of match Federer needed to regain confidence and test what his body can…


The chances are good for the Swiss to go deeper in Paris.

I think most of us suspected that Roger Federer’s second-round match against former US Open champion Marin Cilic wasn’t going to be as straightforward as his first round. The two have history: they played each other ten times before — twice in Grand Slam finals — and both arrived in Paris a little out of form.

After 2018, Cilic struggled a lot with knee injuries and hadn’t regained his best form ever since. He used to be a top ten player, but these days he’s ranked at 47, and it doesn’t seem like his career is moving upwards at thirty-two…

Our ‘Friends’ gathered for one last time to show us that real friendships never die.

Friends: The Reunion. The cast is together after seventeen years again.
Friends: The Reunion. The cast is together after seventeen years again.
Photo: HBO Max

There’s a brief, heartwarming segment in HBO’s Friends: The Reunion where fans share personal notes of how the series impacted their lives. These testimonies are undoubtedly the most sincere moments, without being artificial or constructed, in this special episode.

They work wonderfully — even outside the international nostalgia — because all of us share some kind of personal and emotional connection to the show. We all have different reasons why we relate to these six goofballs.

In my case, Friends was my go-to procrastination activity in the mid-2000s. One of my high-school classmates lent me all ten seasons, and I…


And that’s an understatement.

Since January 2020, Roger Federer had played only three matches, and none of them were in a Grand Slam. He missed more than a year of tennis, had two knee surgeries, and turned thirty-nine last August. But watching him play yesterday on the Philippe Chatrier court at the French Open, well, he could’ve fooled me.

His first-round match looked like a mix of practice and exhibition game, hitting a vast range of shots with stunning accuracy and the confidence he lacked in recent competitions. It was the first time he actually looked and played like himself. …

The HBO mini-series is a contemplation about guilt and forgiveness.

Last night, Mare of Easttown ended in a thought-provoking and depressive finale. I wrote about the show a few weeks ago, speculating that “the discovery of Mare — her past, secrets, and mental demons — might turn out to be a more complex and compelling mystery to study than simply solving an ordinary whodunit.”

I was right and wrong at the same time. Kate Winslet’s Mare was indeed the spectacle of this crime story as a diligent cop and grieving mother who couldn’t forgive herself. …

Turns out zombies are very dramatic these days.

Let’s start with the harsh truth: Zack Snyder sucks at screenwriting. He always did. His scripts are overlong, blatantly theatrical, and unfunny — no wonder why he keeps making grim and dead-serious movies.

His best films are the ones he didn’t get to write — or was given such great material that even he couldn’t screw them up horribly. Although, loyal fans of the Watchmen and Superman comics would strongly disagree with that statement.

Army of the Dead is precisely the kind of cringeworthy, dull, and uninspired mess he tends to make when there’s no one to control him. …

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