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Five years ago, a then-colleague of mine told me that he wouldn’t be able to recognize himself if he were to quit smoking and drinking. At the time, I thought his statement was a devastatingly sad comment to have come from a thirty-four-year-old.

Fast forward a few years, and I found myself quitting smoking and dialing back on my own drinking. At some point, it dawned on me: his sentiment had become mine. It was a shocking realization for me. …


Keanu Reeves in the mirror in ‘The Matrix Resurrections.’
Keanu Reeves in the mirror in ‘The Matrix Resurrections.’
Why am I not wearing glasses? Photo: Warner Bros.

1. Is Lana Wachowski’s new Matrix feature sponsored by opticians who’re hipsters in their free time? What’s with colorful and giant glass frames? They seem to have a bigger role than poor Morpheus does.

Speaking of Morpheus —

2. Is Laurence Fishburne shooting another questionable B film straight-to-video, and that’s why he’s not here? Or did he just say “I’m too old for this shit?” Regardless, his voice, charisma, and bald head are sorely missed.

3. Why is there no spoon? Or am I just not bending enough to see it?

4. Is John Wick part of the Matrix universe…

Colin Farrell kills a whale in The North Water.
Colin Farrell kills a whale in The North Water.
Colin Farrell as Henry Drax. Photo: BBC Two/AMC+

In the very first scene of BBC Two's mini-series, The North Water, we see Henry Drax (Colin Farrell) fucking a whore. The sex is raw, ferocious, and animalistic. He’s panting while the prostitute is dead silent. They both do it out of need — Drax for satisfaction, the woman for money.

Yet, there’s something much darker lurking inside of Drax — his need is more of an instinct than a desire. His sudden impulses resemble a wild animal rather than a human being — a hyena that has to ease its hunger. …


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels

I’ve recently moved house after seven years. My new place is at the bottom of a beautiful park called Sunny Hill. I used to go there frequently, but having it quite literally at my doorstep is different. When I look out my bedroom window, I don’t see a line of cars and buses anymore — I see greenery, trees, grass, by-passers walking in and out of the park.

It’s a setting that’s calming, reassuring, and amicable. It’s ideal for my lonely thoughts and welcome solitude. It’s a much-needed scene because I know that an existential catastrophe is only weeks away…


Will Smith, Soleil Moon Frye, and Mark Wahlberg in the 90s.
Will Smith, Soleil Moon Frye, and Mark Wahlberg in the 90s.
Photo: Hulu

Do you often find yourself watching classic ’80s and ’90s films and TV shows? Or do you have a constant urge to fire up prime DMX, Limp Bizkit, or Metallica on a mundane Tuesday night? Are you someone who plays with outdated yet iconic video games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater instead of the latest ones?

If the answer is yes, I have a list for you.

Class Action Park


Mose and Mekko a.k.a. Lil Mike and Funny Bone
Mose and Mekko a.k.a. Lil Mike and Funny Bone
“And the Glock go pop, pop, pop!” My favorite characters, hands down. Photo: Fx/Hulu

FX’s new comedy series, Reservation Dogs, is full of ambition with one clear agenda: representing as many talented indigenous people as it possibly can. Frankly, a TV show made almost exclusively by and about Native Americans is long overdue.

That’s the social end of the series — but in its essence, Reservation Dogs is more of a casual and cheery gathering. It’s like a barbecue party in your backyard with your own people invited from all around the neighborhood. You eat, laugh, drink, and smoke a joint when your parents and their friends aren’t watching.

Waititi’s support was needed for…

Quentin Tarantino poses.
Quentin Tarantino poses.
QT. Source: Flickr

If you’re one of those people who randomly pick films to watch, you’re basically a different species to me. We might be able to communicate yet don’t understand each other very well.

To me, it’s somewhat surprising that many people decide what they watch based on trailers, lists, or anything that comes on a streaming platform as new. There’s nothing wrong with this — I guess? — but my brain is wired differently.

My process of choosing movies involves a few more steps. So, I figured sharing it could generate an interesting conversation between cinephiles and a more neutral audience.


Photo by LeeAnn Cline on Unsplash

1. You realize that not everyone is a serial killer — not even your new neighbor, Frank, with a dyed mustache and a mullet.

2. You see the Amazon driver’s back in a uniform — who just dropped a parcel on your doorstep with your neighbor’s name on it. Now you will have to go over and see Frank again.

3. Oh, look, Mom, it’s a drone.

4. Man with a badge around his neck. “Hi, do you have a TV license registered under this address?” *door shuts*

5. A black woman in her late fifties with an alarming smile…

Val Kilmer in ‘The Salton Sea.’
Val Kilmer in ‘The Salton Sea.’
Artwork by the author. Originial Photo: Warner Bros.

The Salton Sea pretends to be a clever movie, although it’s not. But there are many cool things in it — which is all that mattered to me when I first watched it about eighteen years ago. It left an impact on my teenage self. Val Kilmer with huge, colorful tattoos, skull rings, black leather pants, and the voice of a street poet. What more could you possibly want at fourteen years old in the early 2000s?


Oh, his character in this film knows a lot about that, too. But let’s circle back for a second so I can…

Photo: Warner Bros

In his first scene in Cobb, Tommy Lee Jones shoots through his bedroom door with a handgun and almost kills the sportswriter he just hired to write his autobiography. Then he shouts: “Come on in, I won’t hurt you!” That’s what I call a first impression.

When we first lay eyes on him, he lies in bed with a dog at his feet, gun in his lap, looking like Hugh Hefner in his Playboy mansion. Grey hair, red robe, and a vicious, drunken smile. …

Akos Peterbencze

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